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Broker Accreditation

How to become an accredited Residential Mortgage Broker with the Commonwealth Bank

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Broker Accreditation

How to become an accredited Residential Mortgage Broker with the Commonwealth Bank

Our accreditation process is focused on identifying, servicing, and supporting those brokers who are delivering good customer outcomes and are committed to high professional standards for the industry.


New CBA accreditation standards

To be considered for accreditation we require brokers to:

  • Hold at least a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management;
  • Be a current member of either the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) or the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA);
  • Be a Direct Credit Representative or employee of an CBA Approved Head Group or Australian Credit License (ACL) holder;
  • Have at least two years’ face-to-face experience writing regulated residential loans.

Brokers who meet this criteria will need to provide a number of documents and answer a series of questions so we can adequately review and assess each application.

Once an application is received by the CBA Accreditations Team, they will review all the content and assess whether it should proceed to the next stage of the process. The next stage involves a CBA representative contacting the broker’s references, capturing their feedback, followed by a one-on-one interview with the broker. These interviews may be face-to-face, over Skype or over the phone.

Brokers seeking accreditation are required to successfully complete two e-learning modules prior to attaining CBA accreditation. The first module covers values, ethics, regulation and responsible lending, while the second module is focused on ensuring the broker understands the process of submitting a home loan application to CBA. Brokers will not be required to complete the two modules until the last phase of the application process.

If a broker successfully gains CBA accreditation they will be placed on probation for at least six months. The probation period will not impact their ability to discuss and provide guidance to customers on CBA home loan products.

Brokers will need to consistently deliver quality applications, confirm they have completed all mandatory learning from their Head Group, and show they are on track to achieve their business plan to progress from the probation period.   A CBA representative will be allocated to each newly accredited broker to help guide and support them through this process.

Importantly, a broker cannot re-apply for CBA accreditation for at least six months if their application is declined.


Key documents

  • Below is a list of documents that we recommend a broker should have completed or attained before an application is started:
  • Copy of current Drivers Licence or Passport
  • Scanned copy of their Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management and any other tertiary qualification
  • Scanned copy of their current membership certificate with either the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) or Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA)
  • Copy of ASIC credit licence information
  • Evidence of Permanent Residency by way of a working Visa (if applicable)
  • Copy of their business plan (template attached to this pack if broker does not have a current business plan)
  • Copy of their personal credit report (e.g. Veda report)
  • Copy of AFP National Police Check (please note, this can take approx. 25 days to attain)
  • Copy of Head Group Release Letter (if broker is seeking to transfer to another Head Group or ACL and retain CBA accreditation)
  • Brokers are also required to provide two references that may be contacted by a CBA representative as part of the review process.


A broker’s business plan

We require brokers seeking accreditation to upload a copy of their business plan. We will review business plans to assess if they address four key criteria:

  • Customer service - We want to understand how a broker plans to meet the home buying needs of customers before and after a loan is funded.
  • Value proposition - A business plan is a great opportunity for a broker to highlight their own unique value proposition for customers. For example; they may be able to offer key insights on a particular residential area due to their background and training or they may be able to offer additional services that others cannot.
  • Business governance and regulation - Governance, compliance and adherence to various laws and regulations is essential for a mortgage broking business to be successful for the long-term, so we want to understand how applicants are addressing this in their day-to-day business.
  • Action plan - Every business plan should have a clear and realistic plan to achieve the goals outlined. A clear set of goals and detail on how applicants plan to achieve those goals and by when is recommended.

A business plan template is available from, however brokers are welcome to submit their own.



As outlined above, each application, if successful, will first be reviewed by our Accreditations Team before a shortlist is given to a CBA representative to conduct an interview with the broker and contact their references.

It will take approximately four weeks to successfully complete the full process.

Head Groups and brokers will be notified if an application has been unsuccessful at any stage.


CBA Approved to Recruit ACL

Australian Credit Licences (ACLs) must meet CBA’s performance thresholds in order to apply for CBA residential mortgage broking accreditation on behalf of one of their aligned brokers.

You can find more information about the ACL performance thresholds here

Important information:

  • An ACL’s status does not impact the ability for the brokers aligned to that ACL to conduct business with CBA, nor does it affect the service level that an ACL or those brokers receive.
  • ACL performance will be reviewed on a six-monthly basis to determine who is CBA Approved to Recruit for the proceeding six months. There are no exceptions outside this process.
  • CBA will be tracking the performance of ACLs on a quarterly basis to understand who is tracking well and who may need further support.
  • If you would like any further information on the performance of your ACL, please speak with your CBA Representative.

Transfer applications

To retain CBA accreditation, we require brokers to transfer:

  • Be a Direct Credit Representative, employee, Director or owner of a Head Group or ACL*
  • Hold a minimum of a Certificate IV or Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management
  • Be a current member of either the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) or the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA)
  • Have at least two years face-to-face experience writing regulated residential loans
  • With a ‘clean’ Release Letter from the previous Head Group


The CBA Accreditations Team will review supporting documents and confirm whether they should retain their CBA residential mortgage broking accreditation. 

You can download the CBA residential mortgage broking transfer reference guide here

*regardless of whether the ACL is “CBA Approved to Recruit”