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Everyday Offset (Feature of Complete Access)

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An Everyday Offset is a feature of the Complete Access account, offering the same flexibility of an everyday transaction account with the superior access options Australia's largest banking network provides. It is linked to an eligible home loan account with the ability to have one or more offsetting accounts within a single arrangement. The balance of the Everyday Offset is fully offset against the home loan account, so that interest is not charged on that part of the Home Loan account equal to the balance of the Everyday Offset.


Complete Access with Everyday Offset is designed for customers who want the option of branch access in addition to electronic services while receiving 100% offset of the balance against the Home Loan. While making use of the Everyday Offset feature customers can make unlimited transactions of the following types:

  • All withdrawals through any Commonwealth Bank of Australia branch and postal agency
  • Cheques written
  • All transactions through Commonwealth Bank of Australia ATMs in Australia
  • All transactions through EFTPOS in Australia
  • All transactions through telephone banking
  • NetBank transactions
  • Except third party payments within a transfer group and International Money Transfers (IMT).



The key benefits of an Everyday Offset are as follows:

  • All daily banking needs can be conducted from one account.
  • Easy access to funds that are available at call.
  • Provides flexibility, offering the same access options as the Complete Access, refer to Smart Access for further information.
  • Full Interest Offset applies, reducing the interest charged on the home loan based on 100% of the Everyday Offset balance.
  • Ability to have multiple accounts offsetting one home loan account to suit transaction needs.


The key features of the Everyday Offset are as follows: 

  • Ability to have multiple individual and joint Everyday Offsets linked to the home loan account.
  • A range of eligible transaction accounts can be switched into an Everyday Offset, enabling customers to retain existing account numbers.
  • It has the same features, functions and flexibility as the Complete Access account.
  • Available 24/7 via NetBank, and IVR.
  • Activated at the time of funding or first draw down.



  • For personal customers with a standard variable rate home loan or standard variable rate investment home loan only.
  • Available only to the sole or joint owner(s) of the home loan and must be in the name(s) of the home loan borrowers.
  • Not available to companies and trusts.

The following transaction account types can be switched to a Complete Access with the Everyday Offset feature:

  • Complete Access
  • Smart Access
  • Streamline Basic
  • Private Bank Account
  • Viridian Line of Credit
  • Cash Investment Account
  • Cash Management Account
  • NetBank Saver
  • GoalSaver
  • Award Saver

Eligible Home Loans

Refer to the following table for a list of the eligible Home / Investment Home Loan products that the Complete Access with the Everyday Offset feature is available on.

Note: Customers should consider tax implications when looking to take up an Everyday Offset against an Investment Home Loan.

Offset Available
Standard Variable Rate (in personal names only)*

Full offset

(The interest rate offset is equal to the interest rate charged to the home loan account)

1 Year Guaranteed Rate N/A
12 Month Discounted Rate N/A
Economiser / Rate Saver N/A
3 Year Economiser N/A
Fixed Rate​ N/A
No Fee Variable Rate Loan N/A
Extra Variable Rate N/A
Extra Variable Rate (Introductory) N/A
Viridian Line of Credit (VLOC) / Line of Credit (LOC) N/A
Equity Unlock Loan for Seniors (EQFS). N/A

Note: requests for an Everyday Offset for existing home loan customers should be referred to 13 2224 or the nearest CBA branch.


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