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Interest Rates and Fees

Transaction Account Fees and Charges

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  Smart Access Complete Access Everyday Offset (Feature of Complete Access) Personal Overdraft
Monthly Access Fee $4 $6


$10 Monthly Offset Fee may apply per Everyday Offset arrangement, see below

See below
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Additional Fees and Charges Apply - Please Refer Transaction, Savings and Investment Accounts

*For Everyday Offset - arrangement Fees and Charges refer to Fees for Everyday Offset


Personal Overdraft

For unsecured Personal Overdrafts, the establishment fee is $0.

The following fees apply to Personal Overdrafts.

  • Loan Service Fee
  • Overdrawing Approval Fee, if applicable


Loan Service Fees   

Peak Debt during a quarter charge Quarterly Fees
Up to to $100 $0
$101 to $500 $9
$501 to $1000 $15
$1001 to $5000 $25
$5001 to $10,000 $35
$10,001 to $20,000 $45
$20,001 to $50,000 $55
$50,000 to $100,000 $70
$100,001 and above* $78


  • The Loan Service Fee is calculated quarterly on the peak debt for the periods December to February, March to May, June to August and September to November.
  • The Loan Service Fee is charged on the first business day in March, June, September and December and on repayment of the loan.



*Plus $18 per additional peak debt of $100,000 or part thereof up to $1,000,000 then $48 per $500,000 or part thereof.