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Top Up (Loan Increase)

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Features Benefits
  • 2,000,000 maximum amount
  • Customers can Top Up their CBA or Colonial Home Loan or Viridian Line Of Credit account using one of the following methods:
    • Broker (by completing an internal refinance with a top up feature).
    • CBA Branch Network or by phone via Direct Banking (13 2224), and
    • CBA NetBank.
  • Minimum increase amount $10,000.
  • If the existing loan is a fixed or guaranteed interest rate:
    - an Early Repayment Adjustment (ERA) / Early Termination Interest Adjustment (ETIA) will be payable on the existing balance and
    - the new maximum loan amount must be negotiated at current interest rates.
    Alternatively, your customer may choose to establish a separate loan account, although a Loan Service Fee will be charged on the additional loan account.
  • Top-ups are allowed on all existing solutions. The interest rate cannot remain on an introductory interest rate unless the Top Up borrowing represents more than 50% of the total new debt.
  • Loans may be rewritten over a maximum Contracted Loan Term of 30 years (from the date of top-up funding), subject to the usual credit test for Acceptable Repayment Term.
  • Existing special repayments must be either included or excluded in the new maximum loan amount contract.
  • Top ups funded on a progressive basis convert to interest only during the progressive period. Interest charging date will convert to 15th monthly until loan is fully drawn. Customers who have a Top up funded on a progressive basis must meet payments by direct entry during the interest only period. Subject to an acceptable security position being maintained, customers may fund entire loan and place funds in either the related account, redraw or MISA facility (this will ensure principal and interest repayments continue).
  • The customers instalment date remains the same and new instalment will apply one full month from anniversary date following funding.
  • LMI premiums (if applicable) will be calculated on the new loan amount using current LMI policy.  Previous LMI premiums paid will be subtracted from the amount payable.
  • Existing customer information in CBA is used to assess the credit risk profile resulting in reduced manual verifications.
  • Customers will keep the same loan/account number
  • Simplified loan documentation, a Notice of Variation (NOV) replaces the full loan contract. Customers can choose to receive a NOV via NetBank. Customers can also opt to receive a SMS alert when NOV is delivered to NetBank.
  • Funding process is automated and removes the need for manual funding.

For all current commission structures and information please refer to your Head Group.


Top Up Eligibility

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions, then the application is ineligible for the Top Up application and an internal refinance with a top up feature must be completed.

  1. Is there a change to existing security (including prior or subsequent mortgages)?
  2. Is there a change to existing Borrowers or Guarantors?
  3. Is there a requirement for any CBA debt with the same security to be refinanced/ repaid from the proceeds of the top up?
  4. Does the loan require progressive payments?
  5. Was the existing loan funded within the last 6 months (NOTE: This includes final progress payments)
  6. Is the existing loan an Interest Only loan that has less than 6 months to expiry of the interest only period?
  7. Does the purpose of the top up differ from the current structure of the loan i.e. Investment purpose on Owner Occupied Home Loan?
  8. Is the existing loan in the name of a Company or Trust?
  9. Is the existing loan a CBA Staff Home Loan?
  10. Is the existing loan an overdraft (except Viridian Line of Credit or Colonial Line of Credit)?
  11. Is the existing loan an Equity Unlock Loan for Seniors?
  12. Is the existing loan an Interest in Advance loan?
  13. Is the purpose of the loan or the existing loan for Bridging Finance?
  14. Is cash the sole security for the existing loan?
  15. Was the previous loan application on this loan (either new or Top Up) prior to 01/11/1996 and involved a Guarantor?
  16. Does the loan to be topped up have a $0 balance or has a credit balance?
  17. Was the existing loan originated via HomePath?
  18. Does the loan involve a servicing guarantor and/or does the customer topping up have another loan which involved a guarantor?
  19. Does the security on the loan include a Company Title property?


The following features cannot be applied to a Top Up Application:

  • Switching
  • Rate Lock
  • New Split Loan
  • Loans not fully funded
  • Loans to repay an OFI Home Loan


Top Up Process