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Mortgage Advantage

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Customer Eligibility Conditions

To be eligible for this offer, your customer must have:

  • Initial ’package lending balance’ of $150,000.
  • At least one eligible home loan
    • If the package is to be in two names, the following conditions must be met:
      • Both Customers are personal applicants; and
      • They hold at least one joint account; and
      • at least one has a minimum of $150,000 total eligible lending; and
      • Neither has an existing Mortgage Advantage Package


  • Customers who are eligible to have a Mortgage Advantage Package are:
    • Personal customers, up to 2 per package
    • Company customers, maximum of 1 per package. Other entities such as Proprietary or Partnership business, Trust and Associations are not eligible for the Mortgage Advantage Package
  • Package benefits will apply when at least one participating home loan product is funded
  • To maintain on-going eligibility for the package and benefits it offers, the customer must have at least one eligible loan linked to the Mortgage Advantage Package


Benefits of Mortgage Advantage

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