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Personal Overdraft

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A Personal Overdraft allows eligible personal customers to access additional funds, up to an approved limit.


Ideal for when urgent access to funds is required, an Overdraft facility can be established on your Smart Access, Complete Access or Streamline Account (existing accounts only).

An Overdraft provides our customers with flexibility in their everyday banking, by giving them access to cash when they need, up to an approved limit. It can help save on overdrawing and dishonour fees and reduce the inconvenience of declined transactions. An Overdraft can work as a safety net to protect against unexpected expenses or emergencies.


Key Features         

  • Minimum personal overdraft limit amount is $100
  • Links directly to an existing transaction account
  • $0 establishment fee
  • No monthly interest charges or fees if the overdraft isn't used
  • Easy access to funds through CommBank Keycard, Debit MasterCard, NetBank, Branch,Phone Banking and ATM's.



  • Save on potential overdrawing and dishonour fees
  • Avoid declined transactions
  • Peace of mind that you are ready to manage life's little emergencies at any time.



To be eligible to apply for a Personal Overdraft, you will need to meet the following criteria

  • Be 18 years of age or older living in Australis and an:
  • Australian Citizen
  • Australian Permanent resident
  • New Zealand resident
  • 457 Visa holder



Fees & Charges